Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Grass Might Be Greener ...

We often hear the quote, "The grass isn't always greener on the other side." I recently heard a coach add to the quote, "The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but the water bills are probably higher too."

I have seen so many kids switch teams or transfer because they think another situation might be better for them.  

Sometimes they are right and making that switch was the best move for them. I have seen athletes leave one environment for another and thrive. I have seen kids who were JV players struggling to stay on the team in high school transfer to a different school, blossom in the right environment with the right opportunities, and work themselves into becoming college athletes.

Sometimes they were wrong, and the grass wasn't greener. They changed the situation but they didn't make the changes that they needed to make internally, so the same problems followed them. When there is a lack of character, toughness, work ethic, grit, and/or talent, there is no guarantee that a different environment is going to improve those qualities. We have to be able to reflect and look at ourselves first and see what we can do as individuals to better our situation before we put the blame on everybody else.

Sometimes when they make that switch, they realize that the grass was greener because they had to invest more of themselves into the process. This can end up being positive or negative. We can go to a different environment where they demand more of us and rise to the challenge, or we can buckle under the pressure. Only the person knows what they can and can't handle.

1 - Look at yourself, and see if you are getting the most out of yourself and your situation. "Am I doing everything that I can do to be the best that I can be," and, "Am I enjoying the experience?"

2 - If you aren't doing all you can, or if you aren't enjoying the experience, "Ask yourself, will a change of environment change my effort?" Also ask, "Will a more enjoyable environment help change my effort?"

Sometimes a change in effort is all that is needed. Sometimes a change in environment is needed. Sometimes a change in mindset and outlook is needed.

Good luck on your journey!

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