Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Be Coach-ABLE

One of your most important 'abilities' is your ability to be coached.

"How well can you take in, learn, and apply new information?"

The better you are at that, the more skills that you can add to your game, the better the player you can be.

Every practice we teach and learn. The goal is to learn it so well that the next practice, we can build on what we learned. 

It's like climbing a ladder. We start at the bottom, and every time we learn something new, we take one step up the ladder. The only way we can move up is by learning, applying, and remembering that information. If we can't remember or apply it, we are stuck at the same level.

Keep climbing the ladder of learning, and you will keep climbing the ladder of success.

But it starts with listening, learning, and knowing that you don't know everything.

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